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Kaiya is a 17 year old, aspiring writer and director. She lives in Los Angeles, and loves 80's films, old music, and Ryan Gosling. She created this website in hopes that teenagers can find a place to share their poems, writing, stories, photography, films, etc.

lauren maza

Lauren is a 16 year old girl living in Los Angeles. She loves David Bowie and Wes Anderson films, and hopes that one day her writing will touch and affect people.

arianna munoz

Arianna is a sixteen year old singer-songwriter, actress, director and mental health advocate. She lives in Los Angeles with the dream of becoming a successful actress while growing her #TAKEITON campaign to fight mental health stigmas. Her two loves are Panic! At the disco and Hamilton the musical. She wants to create art in the hope of inspiring others.

anica quizon

Anica is a 16 year old girl living in Los Angeles, trying to impact the lives of those around her in small ways. She enjoys performing, and the company of the people she cares about.