Youtuber Nathan Zed AKA- The Youtuber who never uploads (according to him), has created one of the most popular merchandise brands for a Youtuber in a long time, spreading a message that needs to be heard.

His line “Good Enough” sells four shirts in different colors with the words “Good Enough” and a rose print.

Nathan is of Ethiopian descent, and has openly talked about struggling with depression and feeling ashamed of being black, growing up. He has even made a video titled  “You’re Not Good Enough,” in which he addresses the presence of a voice in his head that always tells him that he is not good enough.

Zed announced his merchandise brand 5 months later in a video titled “You Are Good Enough,” in which he discusses being proud of who he is, and realizing he is in fact “Good Enough,” – Spreading a positive message of love and acceptance, and being proud of who you are.

This brand, unlike many other Youtuber merchandise brands who slap their face on a shirt just to make cash- is a huge step forward in mental health awareness and representation of black excellence not only in the business aspect, but in the modeling of the shirts as well.

I wanted my merch to have something to do with my “You’re Not Good Enough” video cause I needed a reminder that I am/you are. I needed it to have some kind of meaning.”


“Nathan regularly reposts pictures of fans wearing the shirts on his Instagram story and encourages his audience to embrace themselves.”

Click the link here to purchase Nathan Zed’s “Good Enough” shirts, and support mental health awareness & black business!