Clairo, a 19 year old musician has been releasing lo-fi songs on Soundcloud for years.

Last August, she released a video for her song “Pretty Girl,” in which she sits in her bedroom, dancing along to the song which gained her a significant amount of followers. The video is fun, fresh yet has a relatable, nostalgic feel to it allowing her audience to peer into her life seeing that she is just like the rest of us- dancing around in her bedroom with no makeup.

I woke up, it was like a terrible day. My hair was disgusting, my skin was so gross, like, I didn’t even take off my makeup from before the night before. It was just a terrible day for me to look in the mirror. I had nothing to wear; it was bad. I decided it was the perfect day for me to make the music video, and to portray that I don’t need those things to make myself who I am. It was just a video of me dancing around to my own song and lip syncing. It took me thirty minutes. It was something that was so quick and stupid. But yeah, it ended up being really cool, actually.

She didn’t think many people would see it, yet it has racked up well over 3 million views on Youtube. The pleasing lo-fi sounds of songs she wrote in her bedroom are resonating with teenagers everywhere, as she is quickly gaining more followers.

Follow Clairo’s Soundcloud here to listen to her music.