If you know me, I love music and finding new artists is so exciting for me. I’ve discovered a plethora of new music recently and decided to share some of my favorite artists/songs with you!

1- No Surprise- The Shacks

The soft, angelic voice of Shannon Wise from The Shacks is captivating and melodic in “No Surprise.” The band’s overall sound is dreamy, and ethereal and while they describe themselves as a rock band, they aren’t the conventional kind.

2- Lily Lee- Spendtime Palace

I’ve been listening to Spendtime Palace for some time now, and “Lily Lee,” never fails to disappoint. It’s one of those songs you can listen to over and over again, and for some reason it just doesn’t get old.  The song sounds like something straight out of a Quentin Tarantino film, with the indie-rock almost beachy vibe to it. The Costa Mesa band definitely has that California Indie flair.

3- Boredom- Tyler the Creator

Flower Boy has been my favorite album of 2017 so far, and after an extremely hard process I finally narrowed down one song to list here. “Boredom,” ft. Rex Orange and Anna of the North melodically and beautifully captures the essence of boredom and a lack of motivation encouraging the listener to “Find some time to do something.” It’s a fun song to vibe to, and never fails to motivate me when I find myself in a creative pothole. 

4- Away For All Time- Many Voices Speak

Swedish musicians Many Voices Speak have a very 80’s-esque dream pop feel to them. “Away For All Time” features the soft, dreamy sound similar to the 80’s song “I Want To Know What Love Is,” and the synth instrumentals are captivating and beautiful. 

5- Lose It- SWMRS

SWMRS is one of my favorite bands right now. Their music is so diverse- yet they are still identifiable with their own unique sound. “Lose It” is a calmer song than their usual- The wilting guitar and whistles give it a sweet, happy feeling.

6- Outside with the Cuties- Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos music sounds like something you would find on the Juno soundtrack in the best way possible. Her quirky, sweet voice is captivating and forces the audience to smile and bop their head to the dreamy sounds of her guitar- especially in “Outside with the Cuties.”

7- watch- Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish, 15 year old pop prodigy never fails to impress, but regarless of her age, her music proves to be impressive and fun every time- her lyrics are dark, reflective and honest. “watch” is captivating and beautiful and I just can’t stop listening to it.

8- “This Could Build us a Home”- The Garden

The Garden, consisting of Californian twins Wyatt and Fletcher Shears are an amazing musical force to be reckoned with. Their fun, jarring punk is something so futuristic yet reflective of the 80’s all at the same time. “This Could Build us a Home” is by far my favorite on the album, and I encourage everyone to check out the whole album.

9- Watching Him Fade Away- Mac Demarco

I talk about Mac Demarco on here a lot. His music tends to lean more mainstream in the Indie-rock world, but in my opinion he deserves all of the hype. His music is beautiful, moving, laid-back and meaningful. “Watching Him Fade Away,” with the repetitive piano chords as the instrumental is a simple, yet beautiful song- like most of Demarco’s music. This song hits close to home, and while he has “better,” songs on his new album, this one is my favorite.

10- Big Toe- The Growlers

With a sound almost similar to Spendtime Palace, The Growlers indie rock sound is satisfyingly fun, yet depressing. “Big Toe,” is a dreamy, rock song fun to listen to when driving around with the windows down.