On Tyler’s sincere and most accomplished album, he gets to the essence of what he’s been chiseling at: the angst of a missed connection, the pain of unrequited love, and navigating youthful ennui.

Since the beginning of his career, Tyler the Creator has consistently pushed the boundaries and created fresh, unique music with exciting collaborations. His newest album release Flower Boy is no exception.

“Flower Boy is Tyler’s course-correction, surprisingly meditative and beautifully colored, a collage of memories and daydreams that trades bratty subversion for reflection and self-improvement. He probes the things that shaped his psyche—loneliness, isolation, and disorientation—and focuses on outgrowing friendships, balancing the pull of nostalgia and the necessity for growth. Not only is Flower Boy Tyler’s most trenchant work, it’s his most inclusive: “Find Your Wings”: The Album, gentle and liberating. “Tell these black kids they can be who they are,” he raps on “Where This Flower Blooms,” as he grows into the artist he’s always longed to be, and perhaps always was.” (via pitchfork)

Tyler tells the true stories of his life in an upbeat tone, despite real hurtful and depressing undertones. The album paints a very colorful picture of the struggles in his life and dealing with anxiety, depression, etc.

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