18 year old Kayla Robinson–owner of the Green Box Shop, makes statement t-shirts that are being worn by celebrities everywhere.

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Just when her business was struggling to make sales, Frank Ocean wore one that reads, “Why Be Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, or Transphobic When You Could Just Be Quiet” at the Panorama Music Festival. The shirt because a phenomenon on social media, and people were dying to get their hands on one.

“It was a surreal moment. Before that, my business was really struggling,” Robinson tells People. “So I knew it was finally going to be okay.”

Her collection of tees make bold political statements, such as “Pizza Rolls Not Gender Roles” and “Climate Change is Real. Trump Is A Hoax.”

Her shirts have also been recognized by Zendaya, Lauren Jauregui, and Jessica Williams.

Ya know?

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 “I simply want this to continue to be a platform in which we can empower each other to be strong and to be heard.”


“If fertilized eggs are ‘people’ & refugees aren’t, we have a problem” ☕️

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