Mac Demarco’s newest album “This Old Dog,” was released on May 5, 2017.

“This Old Dog” features 13 new songs–an improvement from his last album which only had 8. His album follows in the footsteps as his previous ones, continuing the mac demarco signature relaxing yet goofy indie type of sound. His music has always been the  type that makes teenagers exclaim “I love Mac Demarco! I always get high to his music!” whenever his name is mentioned if that helps give any context as to what his music sounds like.

“Some people might appreciate this record more than his last two, with the extra refinement of the sound, others may prefer the earlier stuff, which had a bit more humor and with lyrics that painted more colorful pictures. It’s a push. DeMarco’s problem, if you can call it that, is a good one to have—he owns his sound and continues to write songs that fit within it. For DeMarco and his audience both, all joy depends on this comfort.” -Mark Richardson, Pitchfork

I really enjoy his new album-just as I did with the two previous ones. His wavy sound is relaxing and calming, yet still fun and goofy. kudos.

Check out “This Old Dog” on spotify.