I’ve always had kind of a rough time fitting in. It’s not that I don’t have friends, because I do. I love my friends. But by fitting in, I mean that I’ve never really related with a lot of the things my friends like, or agree with some of their opinions on things. I love movies, and Star Wars, and old music. Feeling left out has been something i’ve sort of always had to deal with (since preschool), and I have always felt like I need to compromise my own personality and the things I love for my friends. Pretty recently that toxic mentality of altering who I am just for people to like me has changed.

One issue with fitting in that I specifically struggled in recently, is with social media. A lot of people my age are pretty driven by social media, myself included. It’s hard not to be when we get pretty much all of our information on twitter. But after a while, I’ve started to lose interest while my friends have sort of let it take over their whole existence. So often during the day whenever something funny happens, the first instinct is to pull out your phone and Snapchat it or tweet what happened. I hear the “Can I tweet that” or the “haha that’s going on my twitter” daily. I know I sound like an old dad that is complaining about “kids and their damn phones!” but I’ve realized how toxic and negative it has become for me.

I have been so caught up in the subtweets, and the “he liked her selfies,” and the “he didn’t follow me back”‘s that I realized I’ve forgotten to really look at what is important in life. My self worth and value isn’t and shouldn’t be solely based on how many likes I get on Instagram and if he followed me back or not.

Even though I’ve stopped letting my life be affected by social media, and if you have too, it’s important to not judge others who are. We live in the Digital Age, and people are going to be impacted by social media. We aren’t “cooler” or more “in touch with the world.” It would be pretty hypocritical of me to come on here and explain why I don’t want to be judged for not taking social media seriously and judge those who do.

be nice to each other