For the past week or two I have found myself stressing a lot about college and my life and taxes and all of that adult-y stuff. I mean I only have a year and a half left of being a teenager.
I have never had a job, really saved my money; or even done anything super responsible. I’ve always just viewed myself as still just a kid. But I’m almost 17 years old which is crazy; I’m almost the dancing queen. Bye bye to Sixteen Candles.

I’m not really sure how to go about growing up to be honest. I still want to be a kid and not worry about responsibilities; but unfortunately that isn’t the reality. If I want to move to New York for college, I need a job and money and all of that stuff. I also need to do a lot of growing up; I just recently REALLY learned how to cook other food besides mac and cheese and top ramen. I’m super reliant on my parents still and I couldn’t imagine living in a whole new city without them or without having my mom’s shoulder to cry on whenever I need it.

This year seems to have been quite the year of realization for me. I’ve started to really figure out who I am and what my true priorities are. I’ve also realized the things I need to improve on. I’m entering my junior year of high school which is pretty scary because I have to start worrying about college. I was so used to not having to think about it for a few years, but the time is finally here and its starting to become a serious thing. I wish I was still freshman.

But unfortunately I’m not a 14 year old naive freshman anymore. I’m almost a 17 year old junior (upperclassman….yikes) and I need to start becoming more responsible. I need a job too. So if someone is hiring and reading this please hire me I really need to save up for college, NY is expensive.

I guess the message of this post is to really take in the moment. I’ve let a whole two years of high school fly by just because I was so eager to grow up; but now I can’t get them back. Don’t be in a rush to grow up because being an adult isn’t that fun and I’m not really looking forward to it. Have fun being a young, naive freshman who is new the whole high school thing. Be a crazy, spontaneous sophomore and enjoy not being the youngest anymore. Enjoy your time in high school because it’s going to fly by so fast. Also really work hard in school because it pays off, I learned the hard way.