High School friendships are notorious for changing, and not lasting a very long time. It’s hard to keep all of your friendships in High School for many reasons. You really start to develop in High School, your interests change, and sometimes relationships can get in the way. And it may seem like the end of the world when your relationship with someone you were so close with changes, but change can be good.

I’ve had my handful of “ex-best friends,” where at the time, we were inseparable and I could tell them everything. As High School moved on, we all became interested in different things, and our priorities were very different. High School is all about experimentation and really figuring out who you are and what you like. If something doesn’t fit with that, then it’s okay to change. It’s okay to make new friends and it’s okay to change for the better.

It might suck at first when you see a friend of yours moving on and making new friends; but I have learned to think of it as a positive thing. They might not tell you everything anymore, but it’s good to know that they have also found their people who they feel comfortable with filling your shoes.

Again, High School is all about experimentation and figuring out who you are. Sometimes things aren’t cut out for you, and it’s okay if they aren’t. You just have to move on and find the people who compliment your personality and likes well.

At the same time however, don’t forget about the people who were always there for you. I may not be as close with some of my friends from middle school, or early high school but I still care deeply about them and I really wish the best for them. Unfortunately, we just weren’t the right people for each other.

photo from netflix’s “stranger things”